How is K9 Bookkeeping So Affordable?

This is one of the most common questions our team gets asked.

Aside from our sterling reputation of providing top-quality service and care, K9 Bookkeeping is famous for our ridiculously affordable prices, with packages beginning at just $109. This has seen many small business owners and entrepreneurs choosing to outsource their managing their finances to K9 Bookkeeping.

That hasn’t gone unnoticed by our prospective partners and competitors and has raised admiring eyebrows across the industry, so let’s explain how we are able to charge what we do.

From Day 1, K9 Bookkeeping was established with the mission of offering small businesses big business financial services, and a key part of that was finding a price point that worked for both parties.

We decided to build our pricing structure around the average amount of transactions we expected different business sizes to make each month, and use the latest in bookkeeping technology and platforms-primarily QuickBooks– to seamlessly liaise with our partners and manage their books.

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Harnessing the power of the Internet Age, K9 Bookkeeping uses these platforms to provide regular bookkeeping services on top of the many other services we offer, including cash basis accounting, financial reports monthly and on-demand, forecasts and project accounting, bank reconciliation, cash flow statements, and so much more. 

K9 Bookkeeping can also run payroll, invoicing, and paying bills. All these services are designed to ensure you are always aware of what your business is bringing in and sending out while focusing on propelling it to the next level.

All these services are capably managed by a dedicated Account Manager, which is assigned to each client, to ensure accurate and consistent books and the best-in-industry customer care and attention we are famous for, and every Account Manager works with our expert team of accountants for even further quality review and assurance.

In summary, K9 Bookkeeping is able to charge such affordable services because we put our clients ahead of profits, by minimizing the overhead and personnel costs we would otherwise have to pass on to the clients.

Join the hundreds of entrepreneurs around the United States who are already working with us, and quickly find out why they love and trust K9 Bookkeeping.

Running a business is hard work, bookkeeping shouldn’t be. 

Let our team of professional bookkeepers take care of your books and receive accurate, detailed reports every month. Our team of experts is laser-focused on the latest trends and premier customer satisfaction, so you can always be sure you’re getting the best care and service. Your personal account manager will focus on handling your books, leaving you to focus on growing your business and leading it forward.

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