Who is QuickBooks For?

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This is easy, because the answer is everyone. 

QuickBooks is the most popular small business accounting software today, simplifying financial recordkeeping and making it easy to track the financial health of your business. 

It is a cloud-based accounting software that helps manage your money, track sales, and create and send invoices. In addition, you can use it to bill customers, pay bills, generate reports, and prepare taxes. In simple terms, it is an online application that makes accounting easy by managing and organizing things in one place.

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So who uses QuickBooks?

Millions of businesses around the world use QuickBooks, which runs on operating systems like Windows, MAC OS (available only in the US), tablets, and phones.

That number runs the gamut from massive businesses with multi-million dollar annual revenues, to mom-and-pop companies working out of garages. Recognizing that wide range of customers, QuickBooks ensured that users can scale their Quickbooks service as their business grows, with programs geared at bookkeeping for startups all the way up to massive businesses. 

The QuickBooks product line is specifically geared towards making bookkeeping easier and more efficient for small business owners, and have created programs for specific industries, including Quickbooks for Accountants and Quickbooks Self-Employed for contractors, creatives, and freelancers.

If you are keen to begin doing your own bookkeeping, check out our full review of all the QuickBooks programs to see what’s right for you. 

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